franchising real estate

The Franchise Realty innovative, dynamic and successful!

Our proposal for Real Estate Franchise to offer the affiliate agencies working methods tested and successful thanks to a range of specific services, integrated into the classical intermediation, allow to differentiate themselves from the competition by specialization and quality, making, as an added value to 'agency a significant cost savings thanks to agreements and conventions signed by the parent.
The Real Estate Franchise offered by us is unique and innovative, designed for this time of evolution of the real estate market
S1casa real estate group has developed a high value format for affiliates, integrating greater specialization and a range of different services and complementary to the traditional real estate brokerage.
The decline in the housing market and strong competition have led to the decline of many agencies in different real estate franchise, because of the costs borne by the insured but also to the methods applied, all very similar and obsolete.
With the Franchise Realty Group Realty s1casa be able to start your own agency in a very short time and independently but with the guarantee of being seen constantly in daily operations or business planning in the long term, by the parent.
S1casa Real Estate Group believes that during the start-up training is fundamental in this respect are programmed courses in which the franchisee to acquire the know-how and working methods needed to improve the strengths of 'affiliated agency, obtaining the maximum performance with speed and efficiency.

S1casa Real Estate Group Real Estate Franchise is at the service of the franchisee!

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